Mile To Ride Before Sleep

Mile To Ride Before Sleep

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bike & Build by the Numbers Part II

2 months ago SUS hit the Pacific Ocean. Time is zipping by, and I still can't believe what we did this summer. I've processed most of it now, so I will try to tell the tale over the next few months, but for now, more numbers.

As a team we raised $144,057! I raised $4500. I had 44 donors plus the 4 fundraising events I did on campus, at Walmart, in Cincinnati, and my local bike shop. I was fundraising for Cover Indiana as well, so some wrote checks for that and not Bike & Build, and as promised I ended up matching by 20.1682%

Route Total Funds Total Riders Funds/Rider
P2C:  $180,119 31 $5,810.29
ME2SB:  $180,461 33 $5,468.52
P2S:  $169,095 31 $5,454.68
CUS:  $167,074 31 $5,389.48
SUS: $144,057 27 $5,335.44
SC2SC:  $159,590 30 $5,319.67
NC2SD:  $99,361 19 $5,229.53
NUS:  $166,068 32 $5,189.63

On our route B&B spent $4.03 per rider/day of which only $0.71 was food. This was $8704.80 over the summer of 80 days.

In an earlier post I reported that I had spent $1,133.39 on gear before the ride. I kept all my receipts while on the trip and now I present the hidden costs of Bike & Build. I post this to let future B&Bers see what it may cost them. There were several occasions when I borrowed money, and the May 15th receipt was faded so my total and dates are not exact.

13-May 1.33 Cracker Barrel - Henderson, KY
14-May 3.11 BP - Eufaula, AL
15-May target
16-May 10.58 Panera Bread - Sanford, FL
17-May 3.75 k-Mart - Neptune Beach, FL
17-May 28.87 Champion Cycling
18-May 7.89 k-Mart - Neptune Beach, FL
21-May 0.98 Walmart - Lake City, FL
25-May 15.88 The Owl Café - Apalachicola, FL
25-May 22.3 Chili's - Panama City
27-May 1.07 Walgreens
27-May 16.29 Walmart - De Funiak Springs, FL
29-May 17.72 Mary's Place - Coden, AL
30-May 11.25 OK Bike Shop - Mobile, AL
31-May 59.95 Cadence 120 Bicycle Works - Mobile, AL
1-Jun 6.83 Cane's - Pascagoula, MS
3-Jun 25.44 Walmart - Chalmette, LA
6-Jun 3.29 McDonald's - New Orleans
7-Jun 2.2 McDonald's - New Orleans
8-Jun 2.2 McDonald's - New Orleans
10-Jun 2.73 USS Kidd
11-Jun 7.1 McDonald;s - Port Barre, LA
12-Jun 22.73
12-Jun 5.79 McDonald's - Eunice, LA
13-Jun 6.45 Melrose Plantation
15-Jun 9.21 8th Air Force Museum
15-Jun 30.41 Scooter's Bike Shop
18-Jun 307.72 Plano Cycling and Fitness
22-Jun 2.71 McDonald's - Lawton, OK
24-Jun 3.36 Subway - Hollis, OK
25-Jun 4.6 Starbuck's - Amarillo, TX
25-Jun 5.77 Dairy Queen - Claude, TX
26-Jun 30.59 Home Depot
26-Jun 16.33 Ye Old Pancake Station
26-Jun 32.47 Radio Shack - Amarillo, TX
28-Jun 7.85 Dairy Queen - Clayton, NM
1-Jul 18.55 Walmart - Santa Fe
2-Jul 162 Mellow Velo
3-Jul 8.2 Blake's Lotaburger - Espanola, NM
5-Jul 4.27 Dairy Queen - Farmington, NM
6-Jul 32.14 Cottonwood Cycles - Farmington, NM
7-Jul 5.08 Beclabito Express - Shiprock, NM
8-Jul 3.77 McDonald's - Kayenta, AZ
9-Jul 3.27 Keibeto Market
10-Jul 3.16 Big Lake Trading Post - Page, AZ
11-Jul 11.3 Jacob Lake
11-Jul 10.23 Jacob Lake
12-Jul 27.91 North Rim Country Store
12-Jul 8.03 Grand Canyon Lodge
14-Jul 11.3 Jacob Lake
17-Jul 27.3
17-Jul 6.69 Sub Zero - St. George
18-Jul 4.21 Dairy Queen - Mequite, NV
19-Jul 6.49 All Mountain Cyclery - Bouler City, NV
19-Jul 14.04 Radio Shack - Boulder City, NV
20-Jul 2.69 Dairy Queen - Las Vegas
21-Jul 6.82 Charles Brown General Store - Shoshone, CA
21-Jul 27.6 Denny's - Baker, CA
23-Jul 2.56 McDonald's - Ridgecrest, CA
25-Jul 12.22 Walmart - Ridgecrest, CA
25-Jul 2.99 McDonald's - Ridgecrest, CA
26-Jul 4.29 McDonald's - Bishop, CA
26-Jul 6.77 McDonald's - Bishop, CA
27-Jul 14.26 Whoa Nellie Deli - Lee Vining, CA
29-Jul 9.97 Meadow Grill - Yosemite, CA
30-Jul 4.3 Happy Burger Diner - Mariposa, CA
31-Jul 6.28 Bass Fork Mini Mart - North Fork, CA
31-Jul 4.03 Friant Depot Shell - Friant, CA
1-Aug 4.31 McDonald's - Fresno, CA
1-Aug 6.75 Subway - Fresno, CA
2-Aug 11.5 Fosters Freeze - Hollister, CA
3-Aug 2.98 Los Lomas Market - Salinas, CA
4-Aug 10.94 In and Out Burger - Salinas, CA
4-Aug 16.77 Gilbert's Monterey
15 Flat Rate Box
10 Half Dome
5 Leader picture frame
15 SUS t-shirt
7.5 lunch at random bar
5 Monument Valley
3 Four Corners

$1323.22! That's $16/day and $112/week.

Ouch. But let's adjust this a bit. I'll take away some not so typical expenses. Without my $300 bike fit and new saddle in Plano, TX, some tights ($60) on sale at a shop in Mobile, my flag project ($32), two-way radio from Radio Shack ($32), and hammock ($28) from the Grand Canyon, my expenses seem a bit more reasonable. $10.54/day and $73/week. Before this summer I had budgeted for $50/week.

The bike fit was a process I went through in Plano, TX, because I started to experience a lot of pain on the bike. The more you ride, the more you find out is wrong with your bike geometry. Riding 70 miles/day is way different than 150/week I was doing before Bike & Build. A host in Athens, TX, recommended a shop and I couldn't have been more pleased. That shop was the friendliest and most knowledgeable I've ever experienced still to this day.

I bought tights in Mobile because they were dadgum cheap.

I don't see anyone in the future doing what I did with the flag. I don't recommend it. I will explain the building process in a future post.

Trent and I split the cost of two-way radios in Amarillo. We are both introverts and riding with the buddy system policy instituted by our leaders was quite draining (not that the buddy system was a bad idea, but occasionally I need to ride ten miles by myself). So, Trent and I used these to ride a quarter of a mile or more apart to get some down time. Unfortunately, Trent injured his knee for quite some time, and we were unable to use these as much as we would have liked, but they were definitely worth it.

I bought a hammock right outside the Grand Canyon, and I am really glad I did. I've used it a few times since  Monterey as well. I never had to camp inside our tents this summer, and I was able to sleep under the stars... and rain... and hail...

Others bought some not so typical things as well. Some bought cowboy boots in Texas. Other souvenirs were purchased... shoot, I just remembered I spent about $30 or $40 on parasailing in Panama City. Maybe everyone buys not so typical things, and future B&Bers should budget that for their summer.

Cold at McDonald's. A lady bought us hot chocolate and coffee. I managed to get a free refill of hot chocolate and then I bought a third :: Alexandria, LA

I visited McDonald's and Dairy Queen 17 times for a total of $72.77. I seem to remember more, but that's what the receipts and credit card bills say. These places were a refuge this summer. It was great motivation knowing that a DQ was only 20 miles away. Just imagine being in the heat with no shade for scores of miles. Ice cream is heaven, and I was willing to spend on it after I figured out how much of a difference it made in my day.

Dadgummit. I just remembered I bought two pairs of socks and a cycling cap during orientation. +$40

Update (11-3-2012): I updated the total in the "3 Months Later" post. Also, I just noticed that Cracker Barrel is supposed to be $11.33 and not $1.33...