Mile To Ride Before Sleep

Mile To Ride Before Sleep

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gear Update

Finally got my gear order in this week from Bokoo Bikes,  a bike shop based in Minnesota and sponsor of Bike & Build. I also have finished most of my shopping through Amazon. They usually have really good prices. I'm glad I have just about everything I need so I can start packing and make sure it all fits into my storage bin. Bike & Build allows 4500 cubic inches of storage space for the summer. Rather than a duffle bag, I decided on a 20 gallon storage bin. They are easier to pack in the support vehicle and hopefully keep my stuff from being totally crushed.

In other news, I got my first flat tire this week. Wahoo. I bought my bike from Professor Smith back in 2010. A few thousand miles later, it still has one of the tubes from that day. The flat tire this week occurred on a tube I had replaced last year in Cover Indiana because I broke the valve stem.

I had a fundraiser at Hodson's Bay yesterday. It was kind of nasty outside, so there wasn't too much floor traffic. I also talked at Calvary Baptist Church today in support of the Apostle's Build. That build brings twelve churches together for a Habitat build. There I talked about Cover Indiana and Bike & Build, and I gained quite a bit of support. I used to go to Calvary during undergrad, but since I've moved off campus it is a bit of a drive now, and I am able to walk to City of God church. So, it was nice that they still support me even though I haven't been attending there.

Fasten your seat belt. Here is my gear that I have deemed necessary, and have purchased thus far. Some of this stuff seems pricey. It's because it is. ;) 4000 miles puts a lot of wear and tear on a bike and some of this stuff like the bibs are to prevent wear and tear on me. That's why it costs so much.

This list is for anyone who wants to sponsor an item or a future Bike & Build participant who wants to see what others have done. This isn't including a saddle, handlebar bag, and SD card I bought. I may update this post later with how I like some items that I haven't used before such as the sleeping bag, pillow, and towel.

18.18 Office Depot
35.5 Post Office
71.66 Osprey Raptor - Special Thanks to Mark Lohrum for this purchase!
30 Topeak Road Morph
47 Bell Lumen Helmet
170 Pearl Izumi Bibs (2)
4 Patch Kit
15 Top Tube Bag
300 Bike and Build jerseys (3) and bibs (2)
100 head/tail light
82.48 Rubino Pro Tires
38.24 Chain
8.49 Simple Green
12 degreaser
33.96 brake pads
12 tubes
16.99 cleat covers
5.09 cable and housing
3.39 cable gear
3.39 cable brakes
6.5 chain lube
4 tri flow lube
3.84 accessory cord
5.08 c02
3.39 buckle
1.28 belt (belt+buckle to hold my laundry together)
38.64 sleeping bag
9.16 allen key set
21.95 micro fiber towel
25.19 travel pillow
6.99 bin

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One Month to Go!

The Purdue road races were this weekend, and I finally broke into the top ten!
I owe my friends and family for cheering for me around the course. They provided some serious motivation when I was cramping up. Tip of the day: avoid flavored oatmeal before a race. It won't end well. I had races on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday I had to drop out of the race the oatmeal was so bad. Never again.

In other news, I decided to use my own bicycle for Bike and Build. Normally, Bike and Build gives you a bike to use during the summer, and they let you keep it. There are advantages and disadvantages to using a personal bike, but I decided mostly for two reasons. I get a $450 credit for my  fundraising, and well, let's face it. My bike is better - at least that's what my cycling club friends said, and I trust them.

I also am realizing there is a greater cost than just the $4500 fundraising. 4000 miles puts a lot of wear and tear on a bike. The local bike shop (Hodson's Bay) had a big sale this weekend, so I stocked up to repair my bike along the way:
brake pads
cleat covers
cables and housing

Kristina and I did a fundraiser at Walmart after my race. We pulled in about $106 in 3.5 hours by asking people for dollar donations. This was our most successful fundraiser so far. We tried this on campus and at a park in Cincinnati. It seems that when we ask for a dollar, people realize they can afford it, and they donate. 

I am now over $3000! I have a fundraiser at Hodson's in a couple weeks, and I will also have a few minutes at church to talk about this summer.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Life Cycles

Mountain biking film about life:

My race a few weekends ago in St. Charles, MO.