Mile To Ride Before Sleep

Mile To Ride Before Sleep

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lake City | Perry | Tallahassee | Apalachicola | Panama City | DeFuniak Springs | Pensacola | Mobile | Biloxi

Blueberry picking on the way to Perry, Florida. They let us pick 20 pounds free of charge!

I ended up just eating a lot and not helping fill up the buckets...

First flat on the way to Tallahassee. That tube was the original of when I bought it from one of my professors in 2009. I rode with an alumni that day and he gave some advice for the trip such as "book it to New Orleans."

Stopped by Tyndall Air Force Base on the way to Panama City:

Build day in Panama City. The goal was to move this shed forward and save it from becoming swallowed by nature.

Towing it out proved unsuccessful, but we were able to trim the vegetation around it quite a bit.

Second flat on the way to Pensacola. Rear tube once again, but it burst while eating lunch. Maybe I shouldn't leave my bike in the sun.

We finally made it across Florida!

It is nearly a century ride to get to Mobile. We found Mary's Place on the way. 2 pound burger? Challenge accepted.

It was destroyed in less than 9 minutes.

Two build days in Mobile, Alabama. I volunteered to help out with a shed out back that had some rotting wood. I've worked with my dad before with these types of projects, so I was pretty excited to help out with these problems.

I've worked with the skill saw before, so I was tasked with some cutting. I am very thankful my dad has taught me some of these things over the years. I didn't realize how much I have gained from him.

Mostly finished:

Doors on the other side:


And they open.

Wandering the streets of Mobile one evening we found a police museum that was open at 9pm. 

Made it to Mississippi the next day: