Mile To Ride Before Sleep

Mile To Ride Before Sleep

Monday, September 3, 2012

Bike & Build by the Numbers

One month ago today, we dipped our front tires into the Pacific Ocean. I'm still processing our summer. It was the most incredible time of my life as well as the most difficult. More on that in the future (gosh, I haven't posted in 3 months). For now, I've crunched some numbers for you to wrap your mind around to get an idea  of our summer, physically.

There are some discrepancies between my software (TrainingPeaks), uploaded data (, and observed/actual. For example, using data from my software, I calculated my average heart rate for the summer was 115, but using data from Strava yields 126. Also, some days my batteries died in my equipment and my friends got different numbers according to their computers.

Orientation Days

Build Days

Biking Days

Days Off

Total Miles according to

Total Miles :: TrainingPeaks (my Garmin software). This does not include travel to build sites or other post host arrival adventures.
4113.892 (Allison recorded 4159)

Total Duration (time from host to host)
492:51:52 = 20.53 days

Total Moving Time (time from host to host less time off the bike eating or resting)
277:06:28 = 11.55 days

Average Speed based on moving time

Max Speed
55.3 mph :: Lee Vining, CA

Total Elevation Climbed
118330 feet = 22.4 miles (We climbed Mount Everest 4 times, essentially)

Average Cadence (how many times my pedals go around in a minute) :: Strava

Total Pedal Strokes

Average High Temperature among destination cities ::

Average Low Temperature among departure cities ::

Average Temperature :: TrainingPeaks (my Garmin computer is obviously susceptible to direct sunlight and increases temperature significantly)

High Temperature :: TrainingPeaks
138.2 (I know I saw it over 140 in real time. We were taking a break in Death Valley, so it was sitting in the sun, but when we started moving again, it didn't drop below 130. All summer I'd never seen it above 120 in direct sunlight. It was kind of hot.)

Average Heart Rate :: Strava

Average Max Heart Rate :: Strava

Total Heart Beats

Total Calories Burned according to my power meter (which should be fairly accurate. This does not include the Calories needed for me to live and breathe)
140090 = 40 lbs

Most Calories Burned in One Day
5488 :: Cuba, NM :: 112.78 miles :: 5629 feet (this was also July 4th)

Total Work :: Strava
124000 kJ

Most Difficult Stretch based on Mileage
Opelousas, LA,  to Dallas, TX :: 7 days :: 515.27 miles (NUS had 11 days without a day off or a build day. 725 miles. Kudos)

Most Mileage in One Day
120 :: Hollister, CA

Least Mileage in One Day
Page, AZ :: 36.1

Most Difficult Stretch based on Climbing
Overton, NV, to Ridgecrest, CA :: 20520 feet :: 6 days

Most Climbing in One Day
6734 feet :: Jacob Lake, AZ :: 81.8 miles

Most Climbing in One Day based on Elevation per mile
6734 feet :: Jacob Lake, AZ :: 81.8 miles

Least Climbing in One Day
157 feet :: Palatka, FL :: 40.975 miles

Least Climbing in One Day based on Elevation per Mile
436 feet :: Baton Rouge, LA :: 117.7 miles

Most Difficult Stretch based on Temperature
Overton, NV, to Ridgecrest, CA :: 6 days
Average High :: 104.67 ::
Average High :: 123.5 :: TrainingPeaks
Average :: 103.73 :: TrainingPeaks

Hottest City
Baker, CA :: 108 degrees (Shoshone,CA, which was mid ride that day recorded 122)

Coldest City
Bishop, CA :: 47 degrees

Longest Duration in One Day
14:03:52 :: Las Vegas, NM :: 97.653 miles

Updated new stats:
4113.892 / 0.002096mm = 0.001302394 miles (circumference of my tires) / 57 riding days =
55416.06 revolutions of my tires per day